Mark Copeman

Mark Copeman

Creator and Author of Helpdesk Habits

Mark Copeman is the founder of Wisecurve, a content and product studio which creates bespoke video series to embed culture and tactics, form habits and make real change.

A serial entrepreneur, in April 2018, Mark sold his 50% share in the 1-click customer satisfaction SaaS tool, Customer Thermometer, after 8 years of growth. Previously, he built and sold two content marketing agencies, Twist Media in 2006 and 8:45TV in 2014.

In October 2018, Wisecurve was born, to address the difficulties faced by individuals and organizations of making long-lasting and effective change. It is aiming to impact 100,000 people within 5 years, in three ways:

  1. Bespoke, habit-changing, video programmes for corporates & change teams.
  2. Habit-focused video products, such as Helpdesk Habits, Pilates Habits, and Calm Habits.
  3. Not for profit, habit-forming courses for young people.

Mark advises a couple of UK MSP’s and his first book, Helpdesk Habits, was published in January 2019. He is also mentoring for a young person’s charity in the UK, the Princes Trust.

Outside of business, Mark enjoys life in Bray, Berkshire in the UK (which is the home to half of the UK’s 3-starred Michelin restaurants) with his wife, son and daughter. He loves to travel and run (when his knees allow) and likes to pretend he’s cooking in a Masterchef competition, whenever he can.