Mission Possible

60 Teams. 72 Hours. Join us as these teams compete to solve a real-life practical challenge and race to the finish line to claim victory and the $5,000 prize.

Managed Services Providers (MSPs) and Systems Administrators deal with new and different challenges every day. Those challenges are overcome with the proper and efficient use of the technology tools available. For the first time ever at Connect IT Kaseya is presenting its attendees with a practical real-life challenge for the opportunity to win $5,000.

The Mission Possible Challenge
Teams of 5 IT professionals are presented with the daunting news that their fictional company must set up a fresh, new environment to support a new acquisition via hostile takeover. The new environment inside of Google’s public cloud must also pass our audit to ensure it is production ready in just 36 hours! If the company fails to set up the new environment and pass the audit, the acquisition will fail, costing the organization millions of dollars in potential revenue. Each team is given access to the same cloud resources, sandbox of IT Complete tools and requirements to configure the new environment using the same criteria. The resources available to each team will be:

  • Servers and cloud deployment tool from itopia
  • Network Detective from RapidFire Tools for compliance and security review
  • VSA from Kaseya for monitoring, management, scripting, and reporting
  • IT Glue for documentation and important data retention
  • BMS from Kaseya for project management and service desk
  • Spanning for back-up of G Suite data

The objective is to use all the resources to set up the environment with the strongest policy and configuration possible. The team that passes the audit criteria with the fastest time leveraging all the tools wins the $5,000 prize. The winning team will be announced on Thursday, May 9 during the Techie Awards.

When attendees register for Connect IT they will have the option of participating in The Mission Possible challenge. Attendees will be assigned to teams prior to the event based on their registration profile. Only 300 total attendees will be able to participate (60 teams of 5). The winning team will be recognized on stage the last day of the event and award their $5,000 prize.

The requirements:
60 identical cloud environments with multiple servers, storage, CPU, applications and test data.

  1. 60 sandbox environments with required tools (listed above)

Required Steps:

  • Set up and configure new environment in Google’s Compute Engine
  • Setup Kaseya VSA on application server
  • Run Rapid Fire Tools Network Detective to review compliance and security based policies on all assets in environment
  • Set up environment based on specific criteria (G Suite/segment of population using itopia Cloud Workspace, etc.)
  • Integrate Kaseya BMS and IT Glue to VSA
  • Input project plan and other details into BMS
  • Document all procedures and Network Detective documentation into IT Glue
  • Back up G Suite using Spanning
  • Submit environment for review

Tip – There may be some curveballs thrown!




  • Kaseya VSA Agent installed on every server/endpoint provisioned as part of this exercise.
  • Mission Possible Kaseya Agent to be installed on domain controller #1 and VSA server.
  • Your Kaseya VSA will contain – some pre-built content to assist in accomplishing tasks to ensure compliance. This content will be provided when the Mission Possible agent is installed on your VSA. This will be built once the particulars of the deployment with itopia have been ironed out.

RapidFire Tools


  • Rapid Fire Tools will be installed locally on the servers designated to receive the relevant compliance and security reports.
  • The output of the executive report may produce key security or compliance gaps which need to be addressed as you are graded on the highest risk assessment score within Rapid Fire.

IT Glue


  • IT Glue will need to be integrated to the VSA to utilize the functionality.
  • IT Glue to be used to document passwords for administrator/domain level accounts.
  • IT Glue to also be used for recording any special instructions to endpoints for this compliance check.
  • IT Glue will also be used as a document repository to store critical network detective information on the environment.

Unitrends + Spanning
Recommendation to include specialist and/or high level contact to provide insight to what scenarios can be built and how they can be accomplished within our mission.

Technical Narrative v1:
You have x servers which have been provisioned for you by the Itopia (Google Cloud) team. Each of these servers/endpoints are unique and need to be monitored and managed accordingly as part of the production audit in 37 hours. We have supplied you with the Kaseya tool stack, to accomplish and exceed (maybe a chance for extra credit points) the audit.


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