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2022 Connect IT europe Agenda

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Sample Agenda from 2021, Full Agenda to be released Soon

November 16, 2021

08:00 AM
Nov 16 @ 8:00 AM ∷ Break ∷ Exhibit Hall

Exhibit Hall Opens

Nov 16 @ 8:45 AM ∷ Main ∷ Main Stage

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Ronan Kirby ∷ President & GM EMEA ∷ Kaseya
09:00 AM
Nov 16 @ 9:00 AM ∷ Main ∷ Main Stage

CEO Keynote

Fred Voccola ∷ CEO ∷ Kaseya

Fred will use this session to talk about the state of the MSP industry, what this means for Kaseya and its different business units.

10:00 AM
Nov 16 @ 10:15 AM ∷ Main ∷ Main Stage

Product Strategy: The IT Complete Roadmap

Mike Puglia ∷ Chief Customer Marketing Officer ∷ Kaseya

Join Chief Customer Marketing Officer Mike Puglia, as he shares the past, present and future of IT Complete, integrations and Kaseya’s product strategy and roadmap to help customers drive efficiency to meet the new challenges of a hybrid world that is here to stay.

11:00 AM
Nov 16 @ 11:10 AM ∷ Main ∷ Main Stage

The Human Element of Security: How To Become a People Hacker

Jenny Radcliffe ∷ People Hacker

How to Become a People Hacker. From an early age, locked doors, high fences, and the secrets kept by businesses, buildings and people, fascinated Jenny Radcliffe. She has spent a lifetime learning how to use the “human element” to gain access to the buildings, data and information. This talk is an anecdote-ridden roller coaster of a tale which takes the audience from the mean streets of Liverpool in the 1980’s to the square mile of London’s financial district and beyond. Jenny shares her journey from breaching zoos, offices, theme parks, banks and football matches, to helping respected businesses and organisations protect themselves from the threat of malicious “people hackers.” Expect to takeaway high-ROI insights on reading social cues, protecting against exploitation, lie detection and negotiation techniques, and thinking about social intelligence in an entirely new way.

12:00 PM
Nov 16 @ 12:15 PM ∷ Security ∷ Breakout Room A

Phishing: Are You Ready for the NEW Threats?

Miles Walker ∷ Channel Development Manager ∷ Graphus

Business Email compromises are one of the most important issues that effect businesses today. Join Miles as he dives into the facts, the stories and looks at some practical ways to protect yourself, your business and your clients. He will do a deep dive on all things ‘phishing’ related and give you practical tools as well as real life examples of what cyber attackers are currently doing to businesses of all sizes. Join us!

ID Agent
Nov 16 @ 12:15 PM ∷ Technical ∷ Breakout Room B

Vulnerability Management-as-a-Service: Increase Security & Profits at the Same Time

Mark Winter ∷ VP of Product ∷ RapidFire Tools

Every MSP knows that network vulnerability scanning is a basic and necessary component of any comprehensive IT security service. But surveys confirm that half of MSPs don’t do it – and those who do, cherry pick which clients get scanned based on their size and/or regulatory requirements. The high cost of scanning is given as the primary reason for limiting scans, coupled with the MSPs’ inability to get clients to pay for a scanning service.

In this ground-breaking session RapidFire Tools VP of Products Mark Winter presents a sure-fire go-to-market strategy for MSPs to deliver a profitable portfolio of Vulnerability Management-as-a-Service (V-MaaS) offerings using VulScan. He will show you to Package, Price, Position and Sell your own branded V-MaaS services to every single client, regardless of size or budget.

RapidFire Tools
Nov 16 @ 12:15 PM ∷ Product Update ∷ Breakout Room C

How MSPs Can Run Successful Post-Pandemic Lunch and Learns

Dan Tomaszewski ∷ VP of Channel Success ∷ Kaseya

Discover proven strategies for turning your next event into a lead-generation activity without it being smarmy or uncomfortable.

Attend this interactive session to get our playbook for Lunch and Learn Success, hear best practices for landing warm leads from hosting this type of event, and learn how co-hosting events with a JV Partner can help you capture higher quality leads.

Powered Services
01:00 PM
Nov 16 @ 1:00 PM ∷ Break ∷ Exhibitor Hall


02:00 PM
Nov 16 @ 2:00 PM ∷ Security ∷ Breakout Room A

How Security Awareness Training Protects Your Clients & Grows Your Revenue

Anastasia Helton ∷ Sr. Director, Product Marketing ∷ ID Agent

More than 80% of all cyberattacks are phishing attacks. Bullphish ID is our Phishing simulation and Security awareness Platform which would empower your clients to mount a strong defense against cybercrime. It is a simple scalable, affordable tool that allow u to deliver effective security awareness training/ services to customers. To prevent your clients from falling into the phishing traps, we simulate real time attacks and turn them into phishing campaigns. We also have easy to understand, short, visually engaging training videos followed by the quizzes to keep them up to date on the latest attacks and verify the employee’s retention of the material. In this session, we will learn about how these phishing kits and training courses will assist in providing cybersecurity training to employees.

ID Agent
Nov 16 @ 2:00 PM ∷ Technical ∷ Breakout Room B

Boost Efficiency Through Automated Documentation

Travis Brittain ∷ Senior Sales Engineer ∷ IT Glue
Alanna Mcleod ∷ Director Product Marketing, Security Suite ∷ IT Glue

Manual documentation can waste a lot of valuable time and lead to inefficient operations. Moreover, it also results in many human errors, which can undermine the validity of the documentation process. With automated documentation, you can overcome these issues and free up your resources to focus on other critical tasks.

If you want to automate more but aren’t sure where to start, fret not! We’ve got you covered!

With the right tools and a little bit of guidance, you can take advantage of time-saving integrations, automated network documentation and visualization, and minimal coding API automation.

Nov 16 @ 2:00 PM ∷ Business ∷ Breakout Room C

The Evolving Role of the VCIO

Gary Pica ∷ President ∷ TruMethods

The term virtual CIO is commonly used but often misrepresented by MSPs. While many MSPs believe they are a trusted advisor to clients, in many cases their process and results say otherwise.

With the changing technology needs of an MSP’s target market, it’s never been more critical that MSPs not only deliver true high-value vCIO services, but evolve their process to meet the new standards clients demand in 2021.

Cybersecurity risks have accelerated cloud evolution, and greater technology dependence is forcing SMB’s to change their requirements of an MSP relationship. Gary Pica is considered the industry guru on developing an effective vCIO role. This session will change the way you look at customer relationships and set you on the right path to developing this critical role within your business.

Nov 16 @ 2:45 PM ∷ Security ∷ Breakout Room A

The Future of Ransomware

Manoj Srivastava ∷ General Manager, Security Suite ∷ Graphus
Nov 16 @ 2:45 PM ∷ Technical ∷ Breakout Room B

Improving your Security Posture with Next Gen Patch Management

Tim Blaszak ∷ VP Product, VSA ∷ Kaseya

Nobody takes security as seriously as IT professionals, and with attacks having increased 4-fold over the past 18 months, it is sadly not a matter of “IF” but “WHEN” an attack is going to happen.

According to the BeyondTrust Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report, unpatched vulnerabilities are the cause of 1 in 3 breaches, GLOBALLY. And as we know, Threat Actors certainly don’t discriminate.

In this session, we will arm you with some critical information for improving your security posture by leveraging advanced patch management, including:

  • Implementing a layered security model around patch management to maximize protection.
  • Best Practices for Software Management including control access, threat level prioritization and scanning frequency.
  • How and where VSA’s new Software Management functionality fits into the security landscape.
Nov 16 @ 2:45 PM ∷ Business ∷ Breakout Room C

Six Ways to Differentiate Your MSP, Starting Today

Wendy Har ∷ Director of Product Marketing ∷ IT Glue

The MSP market is a competitive one. With the industry witnessing significant growth, more and more players are entering the market every year. As a result, many MSPs are left with a shrinking client base. Furthermore, modern-day customers have tight budgets and expect more from their MSPs.

Join us for the session to take concrete steps to differentiate yourself in the market. You will learn how to differentiate your MSP as we dive deep into these six areas: people and process, talent, tech stack, client collaboration, client communications, and marketing strategy.

03:00 PM
Nov 16 @ 3:30 PM ∷ Break ∷ Exhibit Hall

Afternoon Break - Visit Exhibit Hall

04:00 PM
Nov 16 @ 4:00 PM ∷ Security ∷ Breakout Room A

Deconstructing the Attackers Playbook – Steps and Tactics Hackers Are Using To Compromise Your Network Based on Real World Scenarios

Mike Puglia ∷ Chief Customer Marketing Officer ∷ Kaseya

In 2020 when breaches were discovered, investigators reported attackers had been occupying small business networks for months, and in many cases – years. While no SMB is immune from a cyber-attack and intrusions are inevitable, the average dwell-time (time between the initial intrusion and detection) of 6-months must be improved to reduce the impact. RocketCyber co-founders present SOC-as-a-Service enabling MSPs to identify attacker techniques and tactics evading cyber defenses today.

Nov 16 @ 4:00 PM ∷ Security ∷ Breakout Room B

Secure Identity Access Management 101

BJ Bateman ∷ Product Owner ∷ Kaseya

Identity Access Management is a critical component for all MSP’s & in house IT teams. In this session we review IAM in 2021 and how we can help stay ahead of the issues we are facing in the marketplace.

The pitfalls of ignoring this space can be very painful, Kaseya has built inhouse our own solution for our customers and we will discuss Passly and how it fits in.

ID Agent
Nov 16 @ 4:00 PM ∷ Training ∷ Breakout Room C

IT Glue Certified Administrator

Travis Brittain ∷ Senior Sales Engineer ∷ IT Glue

Our most technical certification program for IT Glue administrators to learn advanced material related to the hierarchy of access control, checklists, flags, and workflows, as well as examine building out advanced flexible assets that you haven’t thought about before.

Following a brief exam, you’ll gain the designation of a Certified Professional – Admin Level 2.

Recommended Prerequisites:

  • Manager or Admin access to IT Glue
  • 3+ months IT Glue experience
  • Completion of the “Getting Started” courses in IT Glue
IT Glue
Nov 16 @ 4:45 PM ∷ Main ∷ Main Stage

90's Rockshow

Come as you are! Rock out day one with our fantastic 90’s Rockshow!

November 17, 2021

08:00 AM
Nov 17 @ 8:00 AM ∷ Break ∷ Exhibit Hall

Exhibit Hall Opens

09:00 AM
Nov 17 @ 9:00 AM ∷ Main ∷ Mainstage

Welcome to Day Two

Ronan Kirby ∷ President & GM EMEA ∷ Kaseya
Nov 17 @ 9:15 AM ∷ Main ∷ Mainstage

Artificial Intelligence

Jeremy White ∷ Executive Editor ∷ Wired UK Magazine

Artificial Intelligence. Most of us experience what we think of artificial intelligence (AI) by interacting with our mobile digital assistants. However, the recent advances in AI are nothing short of staggering. From Google’s computer beating the world’s greatest player of Go to computing neural networks being taught to not only recognise and analyse images but also fathom their context, artificial intelligence is far more advanced than you can imagine. We will reach human-level AI in just a couple of decades, but the huge leaps in this field happening right now will dramatically change not only how we live and work, but how we interact will every level of technology. The race for businesses to incorporate AI and reap the inherent benefits has begun.

10:00 AM
Nov 17 @ 10:15 AM ∷ Main ∷ Main Stage

The Future of RMM

Mike Puglia ∷ Chief Customer Marketing Officer ∷ Kaseya

RMMs have been the backbone of IT management for well over a decade, but a more complex world of mission critical applications, data, and an exploding diversity of devices and services requires a fundamental change it in role of RMMs. In this session, we’ll look at the computing environment two to four years in the future, discuss how endpoint management will dramatically change and how RMMs will transform to adapt to new paradigm.

11:00 AM
Nov 17 @ 11:00 AM ∷ Break ∷ Exhibit Hall

Morning Break - Visit Exhibit Hall

Nov 17 @ 11:30 AM ∷ Main ∷ Mainstage

Staying Ahead of the Changing Attack Landscape With Zero Trust

Danny Jenkins ∷ CEO ∷ Threatlocker

The way in which users operate in the complex IT world today is paving the way for zero-trust. In order to protect against the evolving threat landscape, we must change both IT and user behavior. To adapt, organizations are operating within the framework that no user, network or device can be trusted by default until proven otherwise. Join ThreatLocker CEO, Danny Jenkins, as he discusses the state of cybersecurity in 2021 and how to protect against ransomware with a zero trust architecture.

12:00 PM
Nov 17 @ 12:15 PM ∷ Security ∷ Breakout Room A

Not a Matter of IF, But When - An MSP’s Guide To Recovering From A Cyber Attack

Naj Raza ∷ Product Executive ∷ Unitrends

Cyber threats are evolving and nobody is safe without a solid disaster recovery strategy and plan. Since the pandemic, cybercrime has increased by over 400% and cyber criminals have their sights set on MSPs. Not only have threat actors turned up the frequency, but the attacks themselves are more effective. Whether it is an end user clicking a phishing link, a zero-day attack or stolen credentials - are you prepared to respond and overcome?

Join Naj Raza, General Manager of Unitrends MSP, as he presents immediate steps you can take to protect your business and clients when dealing with today’s threat landscape. We will cover the following:

  • Cyber Threat Prevention Best Practices
  • The Necessity of an Incident Response Plan
  • How to Test and Certify your Recovery Posture
  • MSP Success Stories & More!
Nov 17 @ 12:15 PM ∷ Technical ∷ Breakout Room B

Three Tricks to Optomize Ticket Resoultion and Boost Productivity

Michelle Oo ∷ Product Manager, BMS ∷ Kaseya

Your service desk can mean the difference between success or failure. It plays a critical role in the level of service your customers receive and the degree to which those services are delivered. Look at it as the heart of your IT operation.

Join us for a thought-provoking session on how you can improve your customers’ service desk experience and drive efficiency. This session will review 3 steps to optimize your service desk processes:

  • Evaluate which area of your service desk to enhance to drive maximum business impact
  • Assess which business processes to automate to minimize ticket resolution time
  • Tips on how to service more clients with the same amount of resources
Nov 17 @ 12:15 PM ∷ Business ∷ Breakout Room C

Tips for Consultative Selling

Corey O' Donnell ∷ VP Marketing ∷ Kaseya

A candid and somewhat comedic dialogue about how to effectively communicate value to customers. Every interaction is a sales opportunity, establishing you either as a trusted expert or an unfortunate burden to the business goals. We’ll lay out some simple, common-sense tactics - with real world examples - for leveraging your QBR’s and other interactions to build confidence in your role advising the technology needs of any business. This is a fun, light-hearted session, but nonetheless powerful as a reminder of how we can leverage basic aspects of human nature to win more business.

01:00 PM
Nov 17 @ 1:00 PM ∷ Break ∷ Exhibit Hall


02:00 PM
Nov 17 @ 2:00 PM ∷ Security ∷ Breakout Room A

Crucial Technologies and Best Practices for Efficient Security Operations

Cristian Iordache ∷ CISSP, Principal Product Manager ∷ Bitdefender

Faced with ever-more sophisticated attacks, new regulatory requirements and an increased attack surface due to remote working, businesses need to adopt new security tools and capabilities. However, managed service providers and enterprises struggle to identify the right configuration from the myriad of technologies, vendors, and architectural options available.

To avoid alert fatigue, missed or late detections, and runaway costs, it is important to consider your organization’s profile, security use cases and best practices before adopting new tools.

Join this session, to get valuable information around these key topics:

  • Why it’s important to set your security architecture on a best-practice foundation
  • How to select the technologies, services and delivery options that make the most sense for your organization’s profile
  • How to combine and consolidate different technologies for efficient and more automated security operations
  • How Bitdefender GravityZone helps organizations and MSPs upgrade and consolidate security capabilities, catching more threats earlier, and reducing manual investigation efforts and costs
Nov 17 @ 2:00 PM ∷ Technical ∷ Breakout Room B

Unified BCDR Why Backup Is No Longer Enough

Joe Noonan ∷ General Manager, BCDR ∷ Unitrends

Data is the lifeblood of business but now lives in more places than ever before, is time-consuming to manage, and is under daily attack from cybercriminals and clumsy employees.

To address these challenges, you need a solution that can address all workloads, adds immutability safeguards against cybercrime and human error, injects automation and artificial intelligence to simplify complex system, and empowers your team to work on more important projects that moves your business forward.

  • What is Unified BCDR
  • How organizations can benefit from automation
  • How cyberthreats have evolved and how to keep ahead
Spanning Unitrends
Nov 17 @ 2:00 PM ∷ Business ∷ Breakout Room C

Protective DNS – How the NSA’s Recommendations Affect Businesses

Jonathan Barnett ∷ Senior Product Manager ∷ Webroot

DNS has worked as the address book of the internet, but it wasn’t designed with today’s security and privacy needs in mind. Standard DNS lacks privacy and needed security features, meaning it’s time for it to adapt to our new world. But adding encryption adds complication to the process. To further tangle the knot of DNS, the NSA recommends privacy and security improvements while also recommending that some encrypted DNS resolvers should be disable and blocked.

Join us to discover how you can move forward in such a complicated landscape. With Webroot® DNS Protection, you’ll gain the tools of a security service that analyzes DNS queries and takes action to mitigate threats. It also leverages existing DNS protocol and architecture while satisfying regulatory rules.

Nov 17 @ 2:45 PM ∷ Business ∷ Breakout Room A

Too Busy To Be Stressed. How To Avoid Being Overwhelmed as an IT Business Owner

Richard Tubb ∷ The IT Business Growth Expert ∷ Tubblog

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, IT businesses have been key workers who have kept their client’s businesses running.

But that effort comes at a cost. IT business owners everywhere are feeling tired, stressed yet too busy to work out how to help themselves cope.

In this open and honest talk, Richard Tubb, author of “The IT Business Owner’s Survival Guide”, will share practical tips and techniques to help MSP owners to manage their time, their energy and their task list.

You will come away from this session feeling positive about how to reduce your stress, run a successful MSP business and avoid being overwhelmed by the challenges put in front of you.

Nov 17 @ 2:45 PM ∷ Technical ∷ Breakout Room B

Sup up Your Service Desk by Streamlining Your Technicians’ Workflow

Mehul Patel ∷ Product Manager ∷ IT Glue

A service desk is the frontline for support and the heart of a streamlined and productive IT operation. Handling service desk in isolation can impact your productivity and profitability.

During this session, we will share tips on how to service more clients with the same amount of resources with seamless workflow integrations. In particular, we will discuss the workflow integration between your IT Documentation, RMM, and PSA.

Nov 17 @ 2:45 PM ∷ Business ∷ Breakout Room C

Mastering the MSP Cybersecurity Sales Conversation

Gary Pica ∷ President ∷ TruMethods

Security-as-a-Service is a major revenue opportunity for MSPs. As the global landscape continues to change, your clients are facing an increasingly complex environment with cyber-attacks and increasing compliance demands.

Join TruMethods President, Gary Pica to learn key tactics for building a successful cybersecurity practice.

During this session you will learn:

  • How to adapt your sales messaging for the changing security landscape
  • How to package and price your offering
  • How to decide what to include in your service offering and what to sell separately
  • Keys to selling the value of your security offering

Every MSP needs to address these new security requirements. If you want to build a security practice that increases recurring revenue sales and profitability, tune in for this session.

03:00 PM
Nov 17 @ 3:30 PM ∷ Break ∷ Exhibit Hall

Afternoon Break - Visit Exhibit Hall

04:00 PM
Nov 17 @ 4:00 PM ∷ Security ∷ Breakout Room A

Latest in Phishing Provention

Vishal Dixit ∷ VP of Engineering, Security Suite & Co-Founder ∷ Graphus

This session is about the problem of phishing and how Graphus addresses it. Specifically the shortcomings with the legacy solutions, how they are ineffective in preventing against sophisticated phishing attacks. Discussion on the layered security approach by Graphus, how the TrustGraph, EmployeeShield and Phish911 layers of Graphus provides a comprehensive solution. Also a live demo of the Graphus product.

ID Agent
Nov 17 @ 4:00 PM ∷ Business ∷ Breakout Room B

Flexibility (& Profitability!) With One BCDR Program To Rule Them All

Joe Noonan ∷ General Manager, BCDR ∷ Unitrends

Unitrends (a Kaseya company) is a channel-first company. We have been working with Value Added Resellers (VARs) since 1989, and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) since 2017 and we’re always looking for ways to make it easier to work with us. (fun fact: given our optional integration with Kaseya VSA, you may also know us by Kaseya Unified Backup)

  • If you manage IT services on behalf of your customers and would like to include Unitrends as a part of your managed offerings, we’ve got you covered with Unitrends MSP. In this offering, you’re both the contracting party and the owner of our products. You’re responsible for supporting your customers from a Unitrends product/service perspective.
  • If you’re a reseller, you control the sales cycle and the sales relationship with their customer, but they own the product and our US-based 24x7 customer support team works directly with them from a Unitrends product perspective. But never fear, Unitrends sales, marketing and solution engineers are just one call away.
  • Love other Kaseya products in the IT Complete stack? We do too! This is why our partner program gives you the opportunity to transact (and earn!) on those products as well, in either a resale or MSP capacity.

As a Unitrends partner, you will be able to transact in any way that makes sense for your business, which may mean you want to transact in multiple ways. You do you. You’ll be able to manage all customers in one place and work with one Unitrends account manager.

Knowledge is power. Join us to learn more.

Nov 17 @ 4:00 PM ∷ Business ∷ Breakout Room C

Learn How To Turn Cold Leads Into Warm Leads With a Podcast

Dan Tomaszewski ∷ VP of Channel Success ∷ Kaseya

If you’ve been wanting to launch a podcast but are not sure where to start, this is the session for you. Learn how a podcast can help you expand your community and warm up cold leads through engaging spoken content. We’ll share our Quick Start Podcast Roadmap with tech tips and communication templates and tools to help you go from podcast ideation to launch and promotion in just 30 days.

Powered Services
Nov 17 @ 4:45 PM ∷ Main ∷ Main Stage

Closing Remarks + Giveaway Announcements

Ronan Kirby ∷ President & GM EMEA ∷ Kaseya